Central Classical Taiwanese Fine Tea

Experiencing the taste of tea in depth and genuineness

Lugu Village, Nantou – Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Northern Taiwan is generally well-known for Pouchong Tea, while Southern goes for Oolong tea. Chin-Shin Oolong growing on top of Mt. Dong Ding in Nantou is one of the main Oolong tea variety. It’s rolled and twisted with cloth repeatedly, thus, the appearance is often spherical. The liquid is golden with a bit of shiny green and not only the taste has a strong scent but also a heavy after-taste. It’s extremely long-lasting and suits those people who drinks tea all the time.

Toufen Town, Miaoli – Oriental Beauty Tea

The main producing areas are Hsinchu and Miaoli. Also known as Boast Tea or Fushou Tea with an original name of Village Oolong. Chin Shin Dapang is the most favorable tea for processing Oriental Beauty. It’s a tea related to many legendary stories, on top of that, a unique honey flavor of it comes from the tea tree after being bitten by an insect named ‘leafhopper’ during the bud period. The leaves bitten are curled and the more being bitten the better the quality so it is fertilized without pesticides for the best environment. The liquid is amber red, accompanied by the aroma of fruity honey, the taste is just as honey-ish, sweet and touching. A common choice for many young admires.

Mingjiang Town, Nantou – Light Oolong / Ching Tea

What’s so special about its characteristic is that it is not a single tea variety – its flavor could be adjusted by the selective preferences accordingly. The climate is pleasant and suitable for the growth of a variety of tea trees. If it grows here, it could be named as Light Oolong Tea. All four flavors have different features. The liquid is yellowish light green and a delicate scent and slightly astringent. Many are obsessed with it.

Yuchi Town, Nantou – Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

Mainly Jaipuri from Assam Province of India. With the environmental and technological improvements, Sun Moon Lake Black Tea has become one of the representative teas in Taiwan. It rivals Ceylon black tea and Darjeeling black tea internationally. The liquid is pure red and bright with both floral and grain scents plus a soothing taste. It leaves a lingering fragrance and the aftertaste is fascinating. Fits younger drinkers very well.

Hoping Town, Taichung – Lishan High Mountain Oolong Tea

Lishan is 2,300 meters above sea level, chilly, and damp. Tea trees absorb natural fruit aroma and grow thick stems. The tender and thick tea leaves comes with natural sweet aroma of pears. A soft and refreshing scent like a ripe fruit and a taste of sweet and suppleness.


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