Southern Classical Taiwanese Fine Tea

Experiencing the taste of tea in depth and genuineness

Alishan, Chiayi – Alishan Oolong Tea

Surrounded by clouds all year round, the most representative high mountain tea in Taiwan. A kind of Chin-Shin Oolong too with the unique aroma of the mountain. The appearance is mostly hemispherical jade green, and the tea liquid is elegant greenish green. Differs from normal Oolong tea in taste, with a soothing and moisturized taste, as if we’re chilling with a sage in the mountains, a must-taste choice.

Manjou Town, Pingtung – Port Tea

So far, the lowest altitude kind of tea. With a different growing environment compares to ordinary tea trees, under less fog and rain, strong sunshine. The leaves are rich and it’s the only ‘seeded’ tea tree in Taiwan. The liquid is like a yellowish green onion, and its taste is more intense and bitter. Scented gradually with a hint of salty sea breeze. A very distinguished Taiwanese tea.


The Land of Tea