Northern Classical Taiwanese Fine Tea

Experiencing the taste of tea in depth and genuineness

Wenshan county, Taipei – Wenshan Pouchong Tea

Mainly grown in ​​Wenshan district has the best quality, due to its exceptional geographical environment and technology. A slender and beautiful striped-like appearance, elegant and durable, with light gold glitters. It tastes light and pure, full of vitality. More and more tea lovers adore the sweetness and refreshment of it, while it’s one of the most popular tea amongst travelers.

Muzha county, Taipei – Muzha Iron Goddess

The farmers in Muzha area started to plant it about 100 years ago. The soil and climatic conditions perfect for its growth, therefore it’s extremely famous for its outstanding quality. The appearance looks like a green hemisphere and its liquid is reddish brown with a yellow dye. A stronger flavor with a slight fruity aroma, suitable for those who drink tea regularly.

Sanxia district, New Taipei City – Sanxia Gragon Well Tea

It is the only place in Taiwan that produces the tea. The assortment is ‘Green Hearted mandarin.’ It undertakes an extra crushing process and the leaves look flatter and sword-shaped, and a bright color as a green jewel. The taste is refreshing and long-lasting, and the after-sweetness is stronger. It’s one of the favorite teas for either Chinese or foreigners.

Hsinchu Emei – Oriental Beauty Tea

The main producing areas are Hsinchu and Miaoli. Also known as Boast Tea or Fushou Tea with an original name of Village Oolong. Chin Shin Dapang is the most favorable tea for processing Oriental Beauty. It’s a tea related to many legendary stories, on top of that, a unique honey flavor of it comes from the tea tree after being bitten by an insect named ‘leafhopper’ during the bud period. The leaves bitten are curled and the more being bitten the better the quality so it is fertilized without pesticides for the best environment. The liquid is amber red, accompanied by the aroma of fruity honey, the taste is just as honey-ish, sweet and touching. A common choice for many young admires.

Longtan county, Taoyuan – Taoyuan Longquan Tea

A kind of pouching tea planted in Taoyuan. The provincial chairman back then, Mr. Lee Teng-Hui named it ‘Longquan’ for its unique characteristics and taste in 1983. The appearance is again hemispherical with a liquid of light green. The taste is pleasant like orchid. Surrounded with full of mellow, sweetness.


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