Eastern Classical Taiwanese Fine Tea

Experiencing the taste of tea in depth and genuineness

Ruisui Town, Hualien – Ruisui Honey-Scented Black Tea

Produced in the hometown of honey, a kind of Jaipuri Oolong tea with a honey scent from the bitten of leaf hoppers. The weather is foggy and stable yearly which is very suitable for tea tree growths. It had won first place in the international competition in ‘Tea of the World’, a true world’s leading black tea. The liquid is as shiny as the ruby. The palate is slightly thick and fruity sweet. Honeyish yet no greasy. The best choice for lovers of black tea.

Luye Town, Taitung– Luye Red Oolong Tea

The tea modifying sites in Taitung broke through the predicament, establishing the characteristics actively in order to cope with the affections of imported tea. Distinctively produced with relatively high degree of fermentation during summer and fall which got the name of Red Oolong. A new tea created by combining the characteristics of oolong tea and black tea, belongs to either Dah-Yeh or Chin-Shin Oolong Tea. With the highest fermentation degree, it comes with a ripe fruit yet a bit of roasting scent, accompanied by the texture of a smooth sweetness.


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